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Tuesday, May 11, 2010



  1. Well done Mrs B and your fabulous group. What a great voicethread about Armadillos. I learned a great deal by listening to your presentations. What a lot of interesting facts you know.

  2. Super work everyone. I didn't know anything about armadillos before I listened to your voicethread facts.

    You must've done excellent reading to find out all that information. It was great to see you reading your facts from your books and your voices were a good volume for me to hear you.

    Maybe next time you could speak slightly slower because it got a bit fast for me at times!

    I really liked that you videoed yourselves and had some pictures of armadillos it made watching your voicethread interesting.

    Ms F

  3. I love this one it is verey interesting how they roll up into balls. ER

  4. It was interesting finding out that Armadilos are warm blooded.They are good littel
    swimmers.They eat ants, spiders and other bugs.

  5. I never knew Armadillos did not breath when they dig. co

  6. Armadilo,s are warm bloded animals they will spend all day at an ant hill for food they eat ants,termites, little fruit and anthing small they have thick armor on them they a fobulous swimmers. I found this really interesting. jw