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Monday, March 8, 2010

River Rafting

Wordle: River Rafting Wordle
We enjoyed a book called River Rafting Fun and decided to use a Wordle to share with you the things that we enjoy doing on or by a river. Can you think of any others?


  1. we have just got back from camp, Room 14 and while we weren't actually on a river we did have a lot of fun on the sea. We spent a day up at Goat Island snorkelling and looking at the sea below our feet. The kelp was like a garden but in the sea and I didn't really like it touching my feet..it felt a bit spooky!
    We also enjoyed the sea by kayaking on it and that was a little scary for many of us as our principal likes to tip people out of their canoes...he got some of us but many of us got away from him!
    Do enjoy all that you do on the water before the winter comes because then we won't really wnat to be out on the sea, will we?
    Mrs H

  2. What a great wordle. I love the words you've chosen. I thought of some others: drifting, panning. Did you know that people pan for gold in some rivers and streams? I love all the sounds you can hear near rivers and streams. Keep up the great work.