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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Ant and the Grasshopper

We read a book about the Ant and the Grasshopper. After this we looked on YouTube and found a very old Walt Disney video and this really short one.
We had a think about what the ant and the grasshopper were like. These are our ideas....
The ant was very wise. C.T
The grasshopper was very foolish. B.O
The grasshopper didn't listen to the ant! C.M
The ant only had enough food for its family. H.V
The grasshopper went away feeling miserable. T.W
The grasshopper was not responsible. L.C
The grasshopper was a lot more responsible after winter! S.B

Do you think that the ant should have let the grasshopper in?


  1. The ant should not let the grasshopper in beacause there was not enough food for the grasshopper. AC

  2. The ant should have let the grasshopper in because he could have died because he wasn't warm enough.And he didn,t have any food to eat so the ant should have let him in for dinner and a drink other wise he would die.J.W D.M

  3. The ant shouldn't have let the grasshopper in
    because the grasshopper was foolish. He didn't collect food for himself.C.M

  4. I agree the grasshopper shouldn't be allowed to come in because there is not enough food for him.

    by K.D