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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things We Enjoy Doing With Our Grandparents

We read a story about a girl who loved playing a game after school with her grandmother. These are things that we love to do with our grandparents.


  1. I like it when my mum makes me apple pie and icecream & it's not so healthy for you
    from L.F

  2. I like going to the park. I like playing board games with my grandparents. DL

  3. Fabulous kidpix guys, I am very impressed I really liked the detail you used in your pictures. My children really enjoy visiting their grandparents because they have a special "treat" jar and it is always full of tasty sweets when they arrive - it doesn't take long for them to disappear.

  4. Hi room 14 it's George from room 15. I liked your video. I like having ice cream and walking along the beach at Taupo Bay we have a bach up there and my grandparents come to visit because they live in Kerikeri