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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Neighbourhood Niggles

I wonder if you get bugged by things that happen in your neighbourhood?
Do you think these children have a point?
What bugs you? Write a comment!
We have tried to speak clearly and with expression as we are sharing our ideas.
This is the first time we have used the EasiSpeak Microphone.


  1. KG likes your Voicethread and you used nice loud and clear voices. It made me think about how much I hate it when people have noisy parties and shout all the time.

  2. Fantastic Voicethread! I think you all spoke clearly and expressively and you shared some thoughtful ideas. My neighbourhood niggle is when the neighbours cat comes in through our cat door and eats my cats food. My cats are so nice that they just sit there and let him eat whatever he wants!

  3. Hi there! I also have a neighbourhood niggle too!! I have these annoying neighbours who swear really loud that the whole street can hear them!! they are really annoying!!